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Ugh, my dash has a bit too much arguing over social justice, racism, feminism and that kind of crap.
I came on tumblr today to laugh, see cool shit and have fun but this is kind of depressing. Does anyone know any cool blogs they recommend?

  • Track Name

    Tunak Tunak Tun

  • Artist

    Daler Mehndi



It’s time again

"Tunak Tunak Tun" (Punjabi: ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣ) or "Tunak", is a bhangra/pop love song by Indian artist Daler Mehndi released in 1998. At the time, critics complained that Mehndi’s music was only popular due to his videos that featured beautiful women dancing. Mehndi’s response was to create a video that featured only himself.

also gosh the lyrics to this are actually really sweet & great i never realised

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